25 Best Google Gemini Prompts for Summarizing

In this section, we’ll explore 50 valuable Gemini prompts for summarization. We’re aware that the free version of Gemini is adept at online searches and can also summarize YouTube blog articles. In this blog, we’ll delve into how to effectively utilize summarization tips using Google Gemini prompts.

Summarizing Articles & Documents

1. Condense this article (link) into a clear and concise summary, capturing the main arguments and key takeaways in under 150 words.

articles gemnini summarizing prompts

2. I’m swamped! Can you provide a bullet-point summary of the key findings in this research paper (upload)? Focus on methodology and results.

3. Help me prioritize tasks! Summarize the action items and next steps from this email thread, highlighting deadlines.

4. Give me the 30-second elevator pitch on this news story (link). Briefly summarize the main event and why it matters.

5. This blog post is a bit long-winded. Can you distill it into a punchy summary that captures the essence in under 100 words?

Please note that you can utilize either (link) or [link] for prompts

Summarizing Factual Topics

1. Provide a neutral and objective summary of the causes of World War I in 3-5 sentences.

factual gemnini summarizing prompts

2. I’m studying for a history exam. Can you summarize the key events of the American Revolution chronologically?

3, Give me a high-level overview of the different stages of plant growth, focusing on scientific accuracy.

4. Summarize the major tenets of the following economic philosophies: Keynesianism, Monetarism, and Supply-Side Economics.

5. Break down the human circulatory system for me. Briefly summarize the functions of the heart, blood vessels, and blood.

Summarizing Creative Text

1. I just finished this short story (provide text). Summarize the plot, main characters, and any underlying themes.

2. This poem seems allegorical. Can you paraphrase the meaning and summarize the central message in simpler terms?

3. I need to analyze a novel for class. Summarize the main conflict and how it is resolved, along with any symbolic elements.

4. What are the recurring themes explored in this play (provide text)? Briefly summarize each theme and its significance.

5. Is this essay persuasive or satirical? Summarize the author’s main arguments and analyze their tone and purpose.

Summarizing Business Documents

1. Our company report is a bit dense. Can you summarize the key financial metrics (KPIs) and identify any areas that need attention? (Upload the report)

2. Help me prepare for a client meeting! Summarize the main selling points from this marketing proposal (upload), highlighting benefits and value proposition.

3. Get me up to speed on this contract (upload). Summarize the key terms and conditions, including any potential risks or obligations.

4. We’re launching a new product. Summarize the key goals and target audience from this product launch plan (upload).

5. This investor pitch deck is packed with information (upload). Can you summarize the company’s unique selling proposition (USP) and target market for a quick pitch?

Summarizing Personal Information

1. I’ve been emailing back and forth with a colleague. Summarize the key decisions and agreements we’ve made from this email chain.

2. My call notes are a mess! Can you summarize the main points discussed during this conference call based on my notes?

3. We just had a brainstorming session. Help me cut through the clutter and summarize the key ideas and potential solutions from my notes.

4. Feeling overwhelmed! Can you prioritize my to-do list (provide list) by identifying the most critical tasks and deadlines?

5. Review my grocery list and summarize the essentials. Suggest any items I might be missing based on a well-balanced diet.

Here are some helpful Gemini prompts that you can modify to suit your needs

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