20 Prompts for Using ChatGPT as a Therapy Assistant

In this section, we’ll explore 20 prompts for utilizing ChatGPT as a therapy. While I’m not a therapist, I’m eager to give these prompts a shot for fun. Why not try them out yourself and see if they yield any interesting results? Then, give it a whirl and see if it helps you too!. Also we are using free version of ChatGPT.

Challenging Negative Thoughts Prompt: I keep having this negative thought that (insert thought). Can you help me challenge its validity?

ChatGPT Therapy prompts

Identifying Emotions Prompt: I’m feeling a jumble of emotions right now. Can you help me identify what I’m feeling and why? (Write down the emotions you’re experiencing for a more tailored response)

Building Gratitude Prompt: Let’s create a gratitude list. What are 3 things I’m grateful for today? (ChatGPT can then help expand the list)

Mindfulness Practice Prompt: Guide me through a short mindfulness meditation exercise to help me focus on the present moment.

Visualization Prompt: I want to achieve (insert goal). Can you help me create a visualization exercise to stay motivated?

Journaling Prompt: Today’s prompt: A time I felt proud of myself. Write freely, and ChatGPT can help analyze your emotions.

Healthy Coping Mechanisms Prompt: I usually (insert unhealthy coping mechanism) when I’m stressed. Can you suggest some healthier alternatives?

Assertiveness Training Prompt: I have trouble saying no to people. Help me craft assertive responses for different situations.

Self-Compassion Prompt: I’m being really hard on myself lately. Can you help me practice self-compassion?

Identifying Triggers Prompt: I seem to get anxious whenever (insert situation). Can you help me identify the trigger and develop coping strategies?

Strengths Identification Prompt: What are some of my strengths that I might be overlooking? (ChatGPT can help you brainstorm based on past experiences)

Setting Boundaries Prompt: I need help setting boundaries with (person/situation). Can you guide me on how to communicate them effectively?

Forgiveness Exercise Prompt: I’m holding onto a grudge against someone. Can you help me work through the process of forgiveness?

Fear Exploration Prompt: I’m afraid of (insert fear). Can you help me explore the root of this fear and develop strategies to manage it?

Decision-Making Prompt: I’m struggling to make a decision about (insert situation). Can you help me weigh the pros and cons of each option?

Body Positivity Prompt: I’m feeling critical of my appearance. Can you help me practice body positivity and self-acceptance?

Communication Skills Prompt: I often have trouble expressing myself clearly. Can you offer tips on improving my communication skills?

Time Management Prompt: I feel overwhelmed by my to-do list. Can you help me develop strategies for better time management?

Self-Care Planning Prompt: Let’s create a self-care plan together. What activities can I incorporate into my routine to improve my well-being?

Relapse Prevention Prompt: I’m worried about relapsing into old habits. Can you help me identify triggers and develop a relapse prevention plan?

    Remember: These prompts are starting points. Feel free to adapt them to your specific needs and experiences.

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